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8 Tips To Plan The Perfect Vacation

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Best Tip... Plan your vacations early! Remember the early bird gets the worm!

  1. Start Early! Everyone makes fun of me because I plan my trips 6 months to a year in advance but I get the best selection by doing this. Usually you can get the better houses that are priced lower. These deals go quickly.

  2. Look on for ideas. This is a favorite of mine! Lots of times you can find things to do that most people don’t know about. I like to look at several posts and pull the information out that interests me. Great things to look for are things to do in an area, places to eat and places to stay. So for example you could type in "Things to do in Cleveland, Ohio." If you are traveling with kids, add that into the search... "Things to do in Cleveland Ohio with kids" and you will get a different selection of posts.

  3. Talk to others about their favorite vacations. You can get great information from friends that have already been there. This is how we have found several of the places we went to visit.

  4. Read reviews. If you look up things that you are going to do in advance you can get a feel for if you are going to have a good experience. For example, we were going to swim with the leopard sharks in California but when I looked at the reviews they were terrible for the time when we were planning on going because most people didn’t end up seeing a shark. It wasn’t a good time of year to do that activity.

  5. Look for places to stay on VRBO or Airbnb instead of always staying in a hotel. We have stayed at some beautiful houses that ended up costing close to what we would have paid for a hotel. Always read the reviews here too.

  6. Another great place to find things to do in an area is

  7. Once you’ve gotten to your destination you can ask the locals for things to do. We have found some great parks and places to eat this way. I've also found fun things to do by reading the guest books at the places we are staying in, Past guests usually write activities that they enjoyed so it's a great place to get other ideas.

  8. I always suggest you stop at the visitors bureau. They can tell you about things to do in the area and they usually offer discounts or can give you coupons.

Have fun on your vacations and don't forget to take your BEMER for the car or plane ride. It makes the ride so much nicer... we have also found that we have lots of energy and aren't exhausted from traveling!


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