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Exploring Hocking Hills

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Hocking Hills is an area just outside of Columbus, Ohio. It's a great place to hike and explore with tons of waterfalls, rock formations and miles of trails!

There are hundreds of places to stay in Hocking Hills, but we chose to stay in an old shipping container!

We area always looking for new and different things to do, so this trip we decided to stay in an old shipping container! It was such a fun experience. It was small but had everything we needed (except an oven would have been great since I like to cook on vacation) I was really impressed with how creative they were to accommodate everything needed in such a small space. It was beautifully designed and comfortable.

We spent 3 days and two nights in hocking hills. We were able to explore all the parks but we walked several miles each day. The whole area is beautiful and every park is special and unique., but Conkles Hollow and Cantwell Cliffs were our favorite spots to hike!

Here are the parks we hiked during our trip...

​As you are hiking look all around. Sometimes we would look up and see the most amazing view or look to the side and see a weird tree formation. We hiked some of the parks twice and saw different things each time.

I would also advise you to pack snacks and even lunches. We didn't do this an we wish we would have. Restaurants are not very close to the parks and we were enjoying the hiking so much we didn't want to take time to go out to eat.

Don't forget your BEMER! We are used to hiking but this was a lot more up and down then we were used to and we pushed it each day. By using our BEMER we were able to recover faster and keep hiking to make the most out of our trip!


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