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Fun Ideas To Try Different Food

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

When my kids were little, I wanted them to try new food. So every Saturday, when we would walk to the farmers market, we would pick a new food to try. It was fun to look for different things to eat rather than always staying with the stuff we knew we liked.

Every Saturday, when we would walk to the farmers market, we would pick a new food to try.

We found some really good foods that we still eat today like sunflower shoots, cheese curds, poblano peppers, ground cherries, moon grapes, and patty pan squash. We also found some that we didn’t like, but that was part of the fun.

We also like to do this when we go out to eat. It is fun to get something on the menu that you wouldn’t normally eat. You might surprise yourself on the different foods that you like. Try going to a Chinese, Mexican, or Indian restaurant and ordering several dishes for the table to share.

This is a great way to try new food that you wouldn’t order on your own.

Another fun thing to do is buy different ingredients on vacation and take them home to cook with. It is a great reminder of your trip. We’ve tried different jams and jellies, fruits, popcorn, mustards, and different sauces. Great souvenir idea without adding more stuff to your house! 

Looking for a fun idea to do with family or friends... try the A to Z restaurant challenge!

Try going to different restaurants starting with the letter A going all the way to Z! This is a great thing to do as a date night, with a group of friends or just with your family. We like to try all the locally owned restaurants when doing this. Here is a fun printable to keep track of where you've gone.

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