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Tips to Enjoy the Lake Erie Shoreline

Whether you live by Lake Erie or are just visiting, here are my favorite things to do along the shoreline!

We love to look for beach glass along Lake Erie. Tumbled glass found along fresh water is called beach glass and it is usually less frosted. Sea glass is tumbled glass found by the ocean. The glass can come in so many different colors and sizes. Orange, turquoise, red and yellow are the rarest colors to find.

Nature acts like a big rock tumbler to turn glass into sea/beach glass and the process can take anywhere from 7-20 years!

Sea/beach glass has become popular in jewelry making and in art. It also looks beautiful displayed in glass bottles or in the bottom of your flower vases.

You can find some really cool piece of driftwood along Lake Erie. They come in various shapes, sizes and colors.

I love to see all the different forts people build with the large pieces while the smaller pieces can be used for craft projects. I had fun making Christmas trees out of the ones I collected on the beach.

We also use a big piece of driftwood as a poker stick for our bonfire. When our daughter was little she found this giant stick that was bigger than she was. She carried that thing all the way down the shoreline. Years later we still have it and use it at every campfire we have. It's a great memory and I can still see her walking down the beach with it every time we use it.

Lake Erie's Shoreline touches the most states. In the United States it touches Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York and Ohio!

Rock stacking is another fun thing to do along the shoreline. You can find lots of flat rocks in many different sizes.

Enjoy the peacefulness of the water while stacking rocks by yourself or make a contest out of it with friends. It's fun to see how many rocks you can stack before it tumbles over.

Rock skipping is also fun to do when the lake is really calm. Flat round stones that are 4 to 6 inches in diameter are the best rocks for skipping!

These rocks are also great for painting! Grab a couple to paint to leave around in a park for others to find. This is a great way to spread some kindness and cheer.

Watch the sunset over the water! Northeast Ohio has some amazing sunsets and they are even more beautiful reflecting on the water.

Our favorite park to watch the sunset is in Lakewood Park on the Solstice Steps. (14532 Lake Rd. in Lakewood) They have a huge playground for the little ones, sand volleyball courts and plenty of pavilions to enjoy a picnic lunch or dinner. The trail along the lake is absolutely beautiful and at the end is a gorgeous view of Downtown Cleveland. After enjoying the park, we love to end the day sitting on the Solstice Steps as we watch the sun go down.


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