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Wellness Studio


Relax, breathe, and enjoy a moment of natural healing at our Wellness Studio.

Share your wellness journey with us so we can customize a program to help you look and feel better naturally. Then you will spend time relaxing with our non-invasive and safe therapy to optimize your blood flow as you listen to soft music by our fireplace. 

8 Minutes to Wellness

8500 Station Road, Suite 300-C

Mentor, OH 44060 ​ Map

Our Services

Each Session includes a whole body therapy session plus one targeted therapy session
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Relax with our
New Customer Special


This is our initial consultation for new customers. Get 3 sessions for $50.

Allow up to 1 hour for assessment and 1st session & up to 30 minutes for 2 additional sessions.

New customers only please.

Unwind with a Single Session


One Individual Single Session/

up to 30 minutes.


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Breathe Deeply with our 5-pack


Save $25 when you purchase

5 sessions for $125! 

Up to 30 minutes each/one-time payment for 5 sessions. 

(sessions to be used within a month)

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Enjoy the Moment with our 10-pack


Save $50 when you purchase

10 sessions for $200!

Up to 30 minutes each/one-time payment for 10 sessions.

(sessions to be used within a month)

  • Does getting BEMER therapy hurt?
    No, this therapy is painless. Some people even fall asleep when receiving therapy.
  • How do I prepare for my session?
    All you need to do is drink plenty of water before and after your session.
  • Is there anyone who can't receive this therapy?
    Yes, See list below... * Immunosuppressive therapy in consequence of transplantation * Immunosuppressive therapy in consequence of allogenic cellular transplantations or bone marrow stem cell transplantations. Other conditions often requiring immunosuppressive therapy, e.g. autoimmune diseases or dermatological diseases are not contraindications to the use of BEMER therapy. BEMER therapy application has to be cleared by physician in charge. * Do not use the device if you have a diagnosed Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) * Active medical implants that lead to stimulation (e.g. pacemakers, defibrillators, brain stimulators, muscle stimulators) represent a relative contraindication. The adjuvant application of the BEMER therapy must be discussed with the patient's attending physician. * All active medial implants that are intended to administer medication (medicine pumps) are an absolute contraindication and prohibit the use of BEMER therapy.
  • Does insurance cover this therapy?
    No, insurance doesn't cover it.
  • How much does it cost for a session?
    Our initial consultation for new customers is 3 sessions for $50. Then you can do individual sessions for $30 each, purchase a 5-pack for $125 or our most popular is 10 sessions for $200. Remember the more you do this therapy the better you will feel!
  • How long is a session?
    The first time you come plan for 45 minutes to an hour. We go over how the BEMER can work for you, answer any questions, fill out paperwork and then you have a session tailored specifically for you. After that each session can last up to 30 minutes, based on your needs.

Enjoy BEMER At Home

Many people get such extraordinary health benefits that they choose to purchase a BEMER for regular use. Owning a BEMER is an investment in your health and will give you the power to optimize your well-being in just 8 minutes twice a day! 

I bought my what?

To maximize the benifits of BEMER it is important that you are properly trained. Our BEMER training sessions are complimentary with any BEMER purchase. You will receive a 1-hour session to get you trained and ready to use your BEMER and then a 30-minute follow up appointment to make sure you are using it correctly. Of course, we are always happy to answer questions! 

 (Note BEMER must be purchased from 8 Minutes to Wellness to take advantage of these services)

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