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Pebble Stone Beach

Enhance Your Body's Natural Healing Ability 

Your wellness journey begins in 8 minutes...

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The 8 Minutes Studio

Welcome to 8 Minutes To Wellness! Soon, you'll feel the benefits of our natural wellness practices. Stress will melt away, energy levels will rise, and a sense of calm will surely settle in. In just a few minutes, you'll be on your way to a refreshed and revitalized state, ready to face the day with renewed vigor.

Small Steps Blog

Fun tips and ideas to enhance your wellness journey


Our Wellness Story

In 2017, when our daughter had health issues that we couldn't help with the traditional medical route, we started looking at everything from diet and exercise to reducing stress and using clean products to help her improve her life. This is when we learned the importance of having good blood flow to enhance all the other areas we were already concentrating on. We found a therapy that we could do in our home for just 8 minutes twice a day that would give us better circulation. In 2021, we opened the 8 Minutes studio to share this technology with you!

“Nature provides the tools for our wellness. We just have to learn how to 'your' them.”

- Unknown

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